Government Markers
Flat Bronze Markers
Bronze Niche

    The Greenmount Cemetery will no longer accept delivery of the flat bronze headstones or bronze niches. We will continue to accept and to set, free of charge to the families, the flat granite and flat marble markers and the upright marble and upright granite headstones.
    If the family wishes to have the flat bronze markers set on a single gravesite or attached to an upright headstone, it will be necessary for the family to make these arrangements with a monument company. The funeral home or the monument company can accept delivery.
    We find this change of policy necessary because we are unable to obtain the pads needed to set the bronze markers. The setting of the bronze markers and bronze niches requires more expertise than the cemetery is able to provide. The setting that is required for the bronze markers and niches is more in the line of the service provided by a monument company and not a cemetery.
    The family will still have the option of using the bronze markers and niches if they so choose, but they need to make the setting arrangement with the monument company of their choice.

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