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Storm of 1902
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Photos credit by Carl Landrum

    William Hotlman was caretaker of the cemetery. He, his wife, and three children were at home at the time of the disaster. They lived near the southwest corner of the grounds. His fence was knocked over and the south addition to his home was completely wrecked. Boards and planks, and clothing, pieces of furniture, slats from the fence and portions of the roof of the sexton's home had been carried all over the cemetery and deposited on graves or in the branches of the trees. Some of the windows of the main part of the house were broken and the chimneys were knocked over. The south end of the house was razed to the foundation. The furniture that was in the wrecked part of the house was demolished. Loss was estimated at $ 500.
    Mr. Holtman himself was severely bruised about the head and face by flying and falling debris. He suffered a severe cut to his head. His daughter Tillie, aged 22, was about to step out of the house and was blown backwards into the wreckage of the house. She suffered a broken right ankle and her face was cut in several places. Her injuries required her to be admitted to the hospital the following day. Her brother Louis, age 15, was buried under the debris of the roof, but escaped without a scratch. The other child and mother were unhurt.
    A subscription was taken up for the William Holtman family. The subscriptions were accepted by Mr. Henry Garrelts, at Ninth and State Streets.

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