• This Association shall not be liable for any damage to tombstones, monuments or gravestones caused by an act of vandalism, nor for any loss of property due to theft.
  • Foundations for all headstones, monuments, etc., must be approved by and built under the supervision of the Superintendent. The said foundation is to be built at the owners' expense.
  • No headstone or monument shall be more than 38 inches wide and five feet high for any single grave site.
  • Only one headstone or monument shall be permitted per grave.
  • Temporary metal gravemarkers are permitted for a period of six months and will be removed by the caretakers at their discretion.
  • When any monument, gravestone, or memorial of any kind is to be removed, any inscription made or cleaning done, permission must be obtained from the Superintendent. Applications for such permission must be made by the owner of the burial right, or his or her representative.
  • When a monument or any structure on a lot is in such condition that it endangers the surroundings, or by reason of neglect, has become objectionable, the Board of Directors must order the owner of such lot to have the monument repaired or removed within a certain time. If such order is not complied with, or such owner cannot be located, the Board of Directors will then act according to their judgment.
  • The established grade of a lot must not be changed.
  • No fence or enclosure of any kind will be permitted on burial lots.
  • No slabs of any description will be permitted.
  • A permanent grave liner is required at the time of interment. Wooden liners will not be permitted.


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