Early Spring

  • No lot shall be used for any other purpose than as a place of human interment.
  • Only one interment shall be made in a grave. The exception to this being cremation or infant burials.
  • When a burial is required, notice must be given at the Cemetery Office as soon as possible, or at least twenty-four hours before the hour of interment, in order to prevent delay.
  • The person applying must state the following particulars: Name of the deceased, age, date of death, date and time of interment, on whose lot to be interred, and the location of the grave to be used.
  • If the application is for interment of others than members of the immediate family or the owner, permission in writing from such owner or his representative must be presented.
  • When remains are to be reinterred which have been removed from other burial grounds, the same interment information will be required, as in Rule 4, and also a permit from the County Health Officer.
  • Consent must also be obtained from the Superintendent when a body is to be removed from one part of the Cemetery to another part or to another cemetery.
  • Every lot-holder should have a diagram of his or her lot on the back of his or her Burial Right form or other convenient place for reference, and mark every interment thereon. This method would enable them to point out the precise location of each grave and thus prevent misunderstandings and mistakes which occur from an imperfect description of location.
  • Sales of burial rights by the owner cannot be permitted except by consent of the Board of Directors. No transfer is valid until entered on the Cemetery records.
  • No glass containers for flowers shall be used in the Cemetery, nor wires to hold flower containers in place. They create a hazard to workmen when mowing.
  • No more than two decorations per grave shall be allowed and they shall be within 12 inches of the stone, except for the week of Memorial Day.
  • On or about March 15th of each year, all decorations will be removed from the graves by Cemetery caretakers. Anything to be saved must be picked up before that date.
  • All rubbish from the gravesites must be deposited at the places designated for such purpose.
  • To prevent injury to adjoining lots, and to preserve the beauty of the grounds, no trees or shrubs shall be planted on lots, or any tree or shrub cut down, removed or trimmed. Such work must be done by the employees of the Cemetery.
  • This Association shall not be liable for loss or damage to tombstones, monuments or gravestones caused by fire, lightning, windstorm, cyclone, tornado or hail, nor any other loss or damage caused by so-called "Acts of God".

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