Graves on the payment plan
    When graves purchased, on a pre-need basis, are not paid in full at the time of selections, a payment plan can be established. Grave sales placed on the payment plan require a down payment of $100.00 on each grave purchased." The balance is to be paid in full within one year of purchase date or before the time of need, whichever comes first.    
    When the grave is not paid in full before the time of need, the funeral home can assume the balance or the family must pay the balance twenty-four (24) hours before the time of service. Only the grave or graves to be used must be paid before the time of need.
    There will be no interest, finance or carrying charges added to the purchase price. Payment plan terms must be signed by the purchaser/s.
    While we do not establish a set payment schedule, we do encourage regular monthly payments to ensure the obligation is paid in one year, which is the term of our pament plan(s). Failure to satisfy the completion of the payment plan in one year will result in the Cemetery reclaiming the property, with all payments made accruing to Greenmount Cemetery.

  Blocks 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 15 $800.00* each
  Remaining Graves $700.00* each
  Special Graves – Superintendent’s Choice 300.00* each

* Price includes Perpetual Care, which is mandatory

   Child Graves 24” X 48” $85.00 each
   Infant Graves 12” X 24” $85.00 each

Perpetual Care on these graves assumed
by the Cemetery Association

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