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Emma Kaempen
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   After being confirmed in Salem church, Miss Emma Kaempen devoted herself to the work of the church. She was a faithful attendant at the services, took an active and prominent part in the work of the young people and as soon as it was possible for her to do so, she enrolled as one of the teachers in the Sunday school. She cheerfully placed her many talents at the disposal of this organization. For several years past, she was one of the valued members of Salem Sunday School association and it was with general regret that the society relieved her of her duties a month ago, when she accepted the position as teacher at the Hibner school, making it impossible for her to continue her work as a teacher. However, Miss Kaempen did not permit the fact that she resided 12 miles from the city to interfere with her attendance at the services and was a regular at worship, even after entering upon her work as a teacher. She also attended the mid-week Bible classes held by Rev. Leemhuis, and in other ways evinced a strong religious feeling which now offers one of the most consoling comforts to those to whom she was dear.
   At the funeral services at the church, Rev. Leemhuis chose the words of Christ to Peter: "What I do thou knowest not now; but those shalt know hereafter." Man is tempted to doubt the mercy and kindness of an omnipotent God when standing aghast facing a crime of these proportions, especially when the victims are God-fearing and faithful servants of the Lord. However, God permitted this and while we now stand appalled and our hearts are crush by the awfulness of the deed and the loss of a beloved one, we know that we shall know the answer to our "why" in the hereafter.
   The pallbearers were Raymond Buxman, Harry Beilstein, Ralph Erke, Emmett Zoller, Edwin Schaberg and Robert Siepker. The casket was buried under a mass of beautiful floral designs sent by the host of sorrowing friends to express in a small measure the grief felt and the profound sympathy which all have for the heartbroken family.

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