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Emma Kaempen

    One of the most troubling times in Quincy history was in 1912 when the Pfanschmidt’s murders took place. Much was written in the three newspapers of that day about the murders, the investigation of the case and the evidence found. A trial was held, but the case was never solved and the murderer was never brought to justice by the courts.
   Mr. and Mrs. Pfanschmidt were interred in the Woodland Cemetery in Quincy, but the school teacher who was staying at their home and also killed, was buried in Greenmount Cemetery. Miss Emma Kaempen was born 19 June 1893 and was killed on September 28, 1912. It was a very sad time for the community as evidenced by Miss Kaempen’s obituary.



Young Woman Stood in Highest Regard in

Church and Community

Large Attendance of Friends

   The funeral of Miss Emma Kaempen took place this afternoon (1 October 1912) at 3 o’clock from the family residence, 327 South Sixteenth Street, with services at Salem Evangelical Church at 3:30 o'clock. The interment was at Greenmount Cemetery. The Salem quartet sang at the residence, the church and the cemetery. The Rev. J. H. Leemhuis, spoke words of comfort at the three services.
   The attendance was large. Of all the young ladies of Salem Church, Miss Emma Kaempen was one of the most highly respected. Her parents have always been prominent members of this congregation and she had been reared under its influence. All the church members know the family and all who were actively engaged in the work knew Miss Kaempen. A devout Christian girl, faithful in the performance of every duty, charitable and amiable, it was only natural that she endeared herself to all her co-workers. There never was a more sincere expression of heartbroken and grief stricken members of the family that was evidence by the community and more particularly by members of Salem church than on the occasion of her death. Miss Kaempen was esteemed and loved by all. The loss of the Kaempen family was felt keenly as a loss by the entire congregation, especially by the Sunday school in which she has been a conscientious worker.

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