Children's Memorial
Dedicated 1998

Infant Interments

On Existing Adult Burials

    It may be possible for a small infant container to be placed on the gravesite of an adult. This will be determined at the time of need. It will depend on the location of the adult grave, the outside container of the adult, the infant container to be used, etc. The Superintendent will have the authority to make this decision at the time of need.

In Vacant Graves

    It is possible for more than one infant to be placed in a standard gravesite. The number of children allowed to share a single gravesite will depend on the containers used and their placement in the grave. The ruling of one stone per grave pertains to infants and children sharing a gravesite.

In Babyland

    A "Babyland" section has been established. This area is for single burials of infants and small children or adult cremations. The size of the stones is limited and must be FLAT.
    On the 12 x 24-inch gravesite, the size of the stones must be 10 x 12 or smaller. On the 24 x 48-inch gravesite, the size of the stone must be 12 x 24 or smaller. Outside containers are not required for infant interments.


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