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1898 Greenmount Cemetery Association

Back row left:Ed Lohmeyer, F. A. Kordsiemon, G. Ledig,
H. Meyer, F. W. Niekamp, C. D. Behrensmeyer, F. J. Wessels,
J. H. Julfs, H. G. Garrelts.
Middle row left:W. F. Westerbeck, Karl Krause, S. H. Pieper,
P. Kramer, H. Haupt, W. Arning.
Front row left: Aug. Stork, J. F. Pieper, K. Eppinger,
W. Altheide, F. H. Peuster


    On June 16, 1875, a committee consisting of August Meyer, William Westerbeck, Peter Bastert, Henry Stoetzel, D. H. Merten, A. Klusmeyer and A. Behrensmeyer was appointed by the congregation to procured the land. The purchase which contained about fifteen acres, (which is now Blocks 1- 5) was purchased from Philip Schwabedisse.
    Action in setting up the cemetery was rapid. The first board of directors consisted of F. H. Kehlenbrink, William Winkelman, D. H. Merten, Adolph Behrensmeyer and Frederick Pankoke.

   In 1897 it became necessary to purchase additional ground. Thirty-one acres were added on January 7, 1897 (which is now
Blocks A - R). At this time, for administrative purposes, the Greenmount Cemetery Association was organized and received its charter on February 23, 1897. Provisions were made that only members of the Salem Church may join this Association to which full control of the cemetery was granted by the congregation on January 1, 1903.
   In the beginning, the original cemetery land (Blocks 1 - 5) was named Green Mound Cemetery and the remaining land was named Greenmount Cemetery. About 1910 this separation was discontinued and the name Greenmount Cemetery was used exclusively. Since that time, additional purchases of land have been made and the Cemetery Association owns approximately 100 acres with 50 acres currently open for burial.

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