Gate entrance to
Greenmount Cemetery
erected in 1937

The Name "Greenmount"

Looking southeast of Greenmount Cemetery

     In 1875 when the cemetery was founded, it was named Green Mound Cemetery. It was a private cemetery for the members and families of Salem Church and Lutheran Churches of the area, especially the St. James Lutheran Church. The original cemetery is Blocks 1 through 5.
     In 1897 a new section of the cemetery was opened which consists of Blocks A through R of the current grounds. This was named The New Greenmount Cemetery.
     To help meet the needs of the community, it was decided to open the Cemetery to the general public. On February 23, 1897 the State of Illinois issued a charter for the "Greenmount Cemetery Association". This was done for administrative purposes to separate the cemetery from Salem Church.
     In the early records, the two sections had separate Burial Rights issued using the names Green Mound Cemetery and New Greenmount Cemetery. This continued until about 1909 when the separation was discontinued and the name Greenmount Cemetery Association was used solely for all records.

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