Easter Sunday April 10th, 1898

The Cemetery of Salem Congregation

   The portrait taken after the morning services on Easter Sunday
at the gravesite of the departed Pastor Simon Kuhlenhoelter 10 April 1898 at 6:30 in the morning.
    In the middle of the cemetery in the so–called circle, we see a tall column resting on a foundation. West of this monument rests the earthly remains of the one who has been to the Salem congregation for almost 22 years, their best friend and advisor, the caretaker of their souls and leader on their earthly journey. There he rests, never to be forgotten, our dear Pastor Kuhlenhoelter, from his life's labor. The future stretching into eternity will tell us more, so the blessings of his faithful labor on the earth.
    Also, on the morning of the past Easter Sunday, when the sun rose so beautifully, almost all of us gathered again at his last resting-place, at his gravesite. And at this spot, looking over the graves of our many dear departed, our eyes filled with tears in the hope of eternal life. We sang this beautiful song, "Jesus My Saviour Lives", with hope to gain eternal life from our heavenly King who has promised and said - "Where I am, My servants are also."

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