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Is a trust fund in place to maintain the cemetery grounds in the future?
  The perpetual care fund was established in 1907 at Greenmount and continues today. This fund is in secured investments for the future care and maintenance of the cemetery grounds.

If the family chooses cremation, is an urn vault required?
    We will accept the container of your choice as long as it is not glass or ceramic. The crematorium will furnish a container at the time of service and this container is acceptable. If the family wishes to up-grade to an urn or other container, that is by their choice. This again is a decision to be made by the family and their funeral director.

Be sure you know the truth about your veteran's benefits, before you commit to a cemetery.
 If you are a veteran you are entitled to be buried in a veterans cemetery. In the Quincy area, the National Cemetery at 36th and Maine may not have graves available, but the Sunset Cemetery at the Illinois Veterans' home on North 12th street and the National Cemetery in Keokuk, Iowa do have graves available. If you are unsure of your death benefits, check with the funeral director of your choice or check with the adjutant's office at the Illinois Veterans' Home. They will be able to answer all your questions.

Government provided headstones or markers.
  If you qualify for a government-provided headstone or marker, you need to check with the cemetery to see what the setting fees will be charged. Currently at Greenmount, we will set the marble and granite, either flat or up right, at no charge to the family. We will bill the State of Illinois for their allowable setting fee. Greenmount does not have the equipment to set the bronze plaques furnished by the government, but they are allowed to be set on the grounds. It is necessary for the family to make the arrangements with a monument company to have the bronze plaques set at the gravesite.

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