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Consumer Information
Did you contact the cemetery for information or is a telemarketer or salesperson contacting you?
    Greenmount is here as a service to the community. If you are looking for information we are here to answer your questions and help with your selection of a final resting-place. We have a brochure that we will mail at your request. No salesman will call you unless you have requested us to do so.

Shop around and compare services and fees.
Greenmount Cemetery will furnish a complete fee schedule at your request.

Be cautious of anyone putting pressure on you to make an immediate decision.
    You are under no obligation to purchase or make a decision if you would like to check into the availability of gravesite/s.

Before you sign a contract, check the facts with your funeral director. See if the cemetery is duplicating the services of the funeral home. You should be under no obligation to purchase merchandise from the cemetery.
  At Greenmount the only products/services we sell are:
        The gravesite
        The opening and closing of the grave at the time of need
        Tent services if requested
        The foundation for the headstone, monument or marker
    A grave liner is required at the time of need, but the family will make that selection with their funeral director's guidance.
    You may purchase the headstone, monument or marker from the monument company of your choice as long as our guidelines on size and placement are followed.
    Gravesites may be placed on the payment plan, but no interest, finance or carrying charges are added to the price of the grave for this service.

Check to see how the cemetery is established. Is it a not-for-profit organization with a board of directors, or is it a for-profit business either privately owned or owned by a corporation?
  Greenmount is a not-for-profit organization with a volunteer board of directors. Six individuals serve on the board, with their election coming from the membership of Salem Church.

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