Minister's Circle
Dedicated August 1875

   When the first plans were made for the layout of Green Mound Cemetery, a circle area was formed to be the center or the heart of
the cemetery grounds. This is Circle 3 and it is centered between
Blocks 1, 2 4, and 5.
In the very center of this circle is an area referred to as the Minister's Circle. This area has been reserved for ministers who have served the Evangelical and Reformed Churches and more recently the United Church of Christ and their families.
    As of January 2001, there are six ministers interred in this
area and four infants.

The first infant to be buried in this area was:
Robert Leemhuis who died on September 26, 1916 at the
age of seven months. He was the infant son of Rev. and
Mrs. Henry J. Leemhuis. Rev. Leemhuis was pastor of Salem
Church from October 1911 to February 1934.

Additional interments are:
Tristan Arthur Petzoldt who died on July 5, 1938. He was the
infant son of Rev. and Mrs. A. S. Petzoldt. Rev. Petzoldt was the
pastor of the St. Peter's Evangelical church from l937, 1940.
This church was located at 13th and Payson Avenue in Quincy.

Paul Schwantes who died on February 4, 1944 and Elsa Schwantes
who died on November 21, 1944 are the infant children of Rev.
and Mrs. Charles Schwantes. Rev. Schwantes was the pastor of
the St. Paul Evangelical and Reformed church from 1939 to 1945.
The church was located at 927 Monroe Street in Quincy.


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