A Child's Marker

    Through the ages, Greenmount Cemetery has always set aside an area referred to as "Babyland". This is an area reserved for the stillbirths, infants and small children.
    The earliest Babyland was being used in the 1880's. It was in the section now referred to as Old South Singles. In the early 1900's we find an area in the southwest corner of Block G that was used for this purpose. From the early 1920's to the 1940's Babyland was in Block B Singles. Later, in the 1940's to the 1960's, an area was set aside in Block A Singles for Babyland. Currently Babyland is in Block M. This area was opened in the early 1960's and still has available spaces.

Babyland area Block M. facing east

     The cemetery has always charged a very modest fee for the graves and the openings in Babyland. Perpetual care on the graves in this area is a gift to the families from the Cemetery Association.
    The cemetery maintains a record of the name listed on the burial permit, the location of the grave and the date of death and date of interment. We do not have a record of the infant's or child's parents. Many times the name was listed as infant or baby followed by the surname.


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